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fiction story
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Name: David Davila
Title: Fiction story

At the end of the 30th century, technology advanced too much, making space travel possible, NASA developed a spacecraft that would allow it to travel from one planet to another more quickly and efficiently, the only problem detected by scientists was that within TATUIN orbit had ice storms that cooled everything in its path.
NASA experimented with test trips, to determine if their ships were capable of passing this storm, however all the trips were in vain, the ships froze instantly and the trail was lost after that.
One day, in a town in Alaska, a scientist developed a ship capable of traveling at the speed of light, where his knowledge was greater than that of other people, using his intelligence he developed a powerful ship that travels in a matter of seconds. one world to another, the scientist was called Fry.
NASA, when monitoring space, detected the ship built by Fly, which generated interest in locating this scientist and keeping his invention. The situation being that way, the feds sent a group of soldiers to confiscate his technology, which they did not have in mind. account was that Fly, being a very intelligent person, used a device that allowed him to change form, and with this he could never be found by the military.
NASA, seeing that they could not catch him, investigated the reasons why this person could avoid many things and why he is so intelligent. After investigating, they found information about an alien ship that fell in Alaska 15 years ago, and all the inhabitants of that place had their memory erased, this fact was recorded by a robot which was the only one that had the information of that fact. .
NASA discovered that the scientist is an alien with the body of a human and that he has been in this world developing technology more advanced than that of humans. The government, upon learning of this, generated an arrest warrant using the entire army under its command.
When Fly found out that the military were looking for him, he had no choice but to use his face transformer and stay hidden until he could reach his ship and fly out of that world.
A few weeks passed since the government sent the military to capture fly, without having any trace of him, when one day Colonel Hells found an abandoned house on top of the Alaskan mountains where he could see that the fly scientist lived there Finding recordings that explained its origin on earth, the colonel sent all that information to the base to obtain more information about the alien.
The government investigators upon viewing the tapes discovered that fly crashed in the high mountains of Alaska and that a group of people took care of him, and they saw that fly is not evil but wants to return home to his home planet TATUIN and spent his 15 years developing a spacecraft that can get through the ice storm that NASA scientists have been trying for centuries to no avail. This discovery changed the thinking of the people who were looking for fly, which caused the search to help him return home and be able to have knowledge of the technology that allows the earth to have spacecraft that travel at the speed of light and can pass through ice storms.
The Government went to the people who took care of fly to reach him, the plan was simple but the delay was eternal since the alien was afraid for his life, after a few days the person who took care of fly commented that the most effective way for it to appear is if they use golden apples, it is a strange fruit that mutated in the 25th century and that fly loved to eat, but due to its scarce harvest it was difficult to obtain it, after a few weeks the government acquired this product and used it to reach him, a few hours passed and fly allowed this offering to be for a good cause and everything to be peaceful.
When fly and the government met, they were able to reach an agreement where the alien would help him return to his ship and in return he would give them information about traveling at the speed of light, in this way everyone won and the alien returned home and the earth acquired a better technology.
The end

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