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by Gabo
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History that explains the creation of Quito with fantasy.
Thousands of years ago, there was a couple who were considered the kings of the mountains. This couple could not have children, so in an act of desperation, the man went to the largest volcano and shouted: “oh great volcano! help me and give me a son”, I will come every night, every year end with a little of his blood to glorify the life that the volcano gave him, a few days later his wife was pregnant. It was a great feeling of happiness for this man, when the child was born they named him Valtus and this child was capable of making the volcano explode just by getting upset, so the parents always tried to pamper him and give him everything to prevent him from consuming them the magma One afternoon he decided to go out and see the world when after three months of walking through the mountains, his father found him and took him because he needed the blood for another year, after this again Valtus wanted to go out and see the world. world and fell in love with the daughter of a peasant and an honorable Snowman, whom he met while walking through the Andes mountain range, this love was complicated since Valtus could not touch the daughter of the snowman, because he melted at his light skin and the snowy daughter could not touch Valtus because in addition to hurting himself, Valtus hurt himself because he was trying to put out his fire, when Valtus' father found out about this action he was very upset and went looking for Valtus to bring him from lap. The very upset did not pay attention and caused an eruption in which his mother died and he ran home to look for her, but only found ashes. The father went to speak with the Volcano and told him what happened and asked him to please allow his son to be with the daughter of the one who can touch her and have a life with the daughter of the snowy despite the fact that Valtus killed his wife, with which the volcano accepted on the condition that he throw himself into the volcano and with this his son wanted to be free from the curse and would put out the fire that did not allow him to be with Nevadus.
In this way the fire of Venus was extinguished and he ran to Nevadus ignoring that his guilt had died, since he said that he would go one way through the world and he had to die for the love of his son so that happiness can feel to Valtus, since he could not have a normal life and his curse took away his mother and even did not allow him to love who he wanted for his life, Valtus could be happy from the moment he touched the Nevadus and when they grew old they sat down one in every corner of the city of Quito and take care of their children. Thus, after the love of Valtus and Nevadus, the Andes mountain range could be born with all the rocky area that it maintains and that is why the mountains of our country are so cold, since Nevadus, mother of the mountains, left her cold heart to the residents of the capital.
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