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by Tommy
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This false life we live in
I can't help but point out the craziness of our society. I think we all take some solace in the idea that when we contemplate being unhappy in America, guilt sets in due to how "well" we have it. The truth is though that what we have that is "well" is nonsensical in the reality of being a human in this world. Yes, the majority of our society has a home with climate control. We mostly have food and water...for now. We have it "easy" as a majority. But those things aren't what makes a life meaningful and no matter how much we all actually know this, the life that we as Americans lead daily continuously props up the idea of this meaningless existence like a pyramid scheme. No matter who you are, you can and would get used to it being hot or cold. You would get used to eating less and working more. This isn't a theory; it is fact as it has been exemplified by other humans on this planet. Think of a day where you have been working outside in the heat...went inside to cool off...and went back outside, only for it to feel even hotter. The idea that other people hate Americans for what we "have" is again, nonsensical. It's all there to make us remain in this system that allows for people that want to take without doing. The idea that this country or state or county is "Free" is a farse that has been perpetuated by others around us...unable to take a stand. It is silly actually to truly realize the reality that is our society. Our laws are in place to keep us in debt so that we have to go to work. It does not matter what work is being done so long as everyone is working. What and who are you working for? Can you see a future where you actually do not have to work...and who pays for that future? What happens if you find yourself on the side of owing vs's being owed? What are the odds that you can avoid further debt that would insist that you provide more labor in order to continue to survive? One last question. Are rich people rich if no one does any work for them?
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