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An experience of an airport
Does everybody wear a mask
To travel between cultures?
You know I have to ask
Because it is hard to know what is real

So many costumes swirl around me
Colors, patterns, brand names
The people that I see
Make the world spin faster

Every country, every race
Different voices, different laughter
Moving at a different pace
Round and round they go.

Macho, feminine, or confusing
Dull or colorful
Exciting, bland and boring
The parade of images never ends

Too fat, too thin
Too warm, too cold
Hiding or advertising sin
Business men and tourists

Some sporty, some slobs
Some rich, some poor
Some sexy, some snobs
Some show too much

From hot places, cold places
Some with coats, some in tea shirts
With or without social graces
The human stream unending

Loose fitting, tight-fitting
Did that outfit ever fit you?
Standing and sitting
Staring at or ignoring those who pass

Sombraoes and base ball caps
Waistcoats and jackets
Louts and posher chaps
Stressed and relaxed

Blondes and gingers
Red-haired and grey
Black and toupeed cringers
Brown hair or shaved away

Confident and nervous
Tasteless and stylish
Is this man with the secret service?
Camouflaged or poseur?

Dark glasses, fun glasses,
pebble glasses, blind men
Some look like jackasses
Can they see where they go?

In love with matching outfits
Blind to all others
Or the swivel heads of horny gits
Watching everybody and everything

Flowery patterns, bright colors,
Expensive and cheap
White teeth, missing molars
Energy and fatigue

A model in trainers
A tracksuit wearing leather shoes
They look like entertainers
She'll wear high heels on the catwalk

A pretty girl dressed blandly
Anonymous and boring
A canvas she walks so blankly
Men paint their own pictures on her skin

Masks chosen
Masks accidental
Masks perfected
Masks worn badly

Those who reveal too much
Those who shout what they conceal

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