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A 13-year-old giantess from Thunder Haven in A.D. 995 defends the citizens of Lilliput!
Render of one of my characters by GTSSRG at deviantART

In alternate realities, there are other worlds parallel to Earth known as Brobdingnag and Lilliput. These two parallel worlds were engineered by a scientist from one million A.D.

Brobdingnag exists on a scale 12 times bigger than Earth, and Lilliput exists on a much smaller scale, one-twelfth the scale of Earth. Four times a year, during the Summer and Winter Solstice or Vernal and Autumnal Equinox, it becomes possible to pass from Earth to one of these other worlds, or from one of these worlds to another.

The scientist who engineered these worlds left devices known as Icosahedrons, which can open dimensional portals between the various worlds for several days during each of the four appointed annual times. He entrusted a scientist on both Brobdingnag and Lilliput, and these scientists in turn trained an apprentice to pass knowledge of this technology down through the ages.

In A.D. 995 there existed a warrior society on the world of Brobdingnag, known as Thunder Haven. These people exist on the same scale as the people of Brobdingnag; they are twelve times bigger than humans. They were patterned after the Norse Vikings of that same era, and they invaded Lorbrulgrud and the outlying settlements of Brobdingnag on a regular basis during the tenth century.

A 13-year-old girl of Thunder Haven with long blonde braids named Wendelgard was loading up a boat with supplies after her father and older brothers had returned from a conquest. She wore leather and metallic armor from her family’s conquests; her calves were covered up to just below her knees with leather and gold and she wore a leather and gold covering over her pelvic region. She wore a metallic brassiere and had golden arm bands on her upper arms and bangles covering her wrists and half of her forearms. She wore a golden tiara on her head.

When her boat was completely loaded with jugs of water and food, a small boat arrived that existed on a different scale. The two occupants were around half an inch tall from Wendelgard’s perspective. They strove to get the attention of the beautiful young behemoth.

Wendelgard spotted them, and waded into the shallow water and lifted their tiny boat and held it at just below shoulder level.

“My name is Wendelgard. Who are you?” Wendelgard asked. “Where did you come from?”

“We’re from Lilliput, we are the keepers of the Icosahedron! Invaders from Earth have attacked us, so we came here to summon a protector! I am Zarangollo, and this is my apprentice, Flan!”

“You want me to protect you?” Wendelgard asked.

“Yes! The people from Earth May be giants to us, but to you, they are doll sized! You could easily vanquish them! What were you preparing to do before we made contact with you?”

“I was going to go on a trip and try to conquer and plunder! My father and my brothers think girls can’t be conquerors, and I want to prove them wrong!”

“Come with us and we will use the Icosahedron to open a dimensional portal to Lilliput, and you can fulfill your destiny and make your dreams of conquest a reality!”

With Zarangollo leading the way, carrying the Icosahedron, they headed out to sea. Once they could no longer see land, Zarangollo used the Icosahedron to open a dimensional portal to Lilliput. Before long, they saw land. They arrived in the capitol city of Mildendo.

Human giants ravaged the land, hunting for Lilliputians. The humans were twelve times bigger than the Lilliputians, but Wendelgard was twelve times bigger than the humans.

When the boat came ashore, Wendelgard took Zarangollo and Flan and set them on her left shoulder, then took her sword and stalked the countryside, hunting for humans. She found a group of them, and challenged them.

“Humans! I am the protector of Lilliput! I command you to leave and return from whence you came! This is your first and final warning!”

The humans laughed at her, and continued with their plunder. Wendelgard saw this as an act of war, and withdrew her sword and plunged it into the ground near some humans, and swept them up and knocked them into the air. The humans fled to their boats and departed.

Wendelgard took Zarangollo and Flan and set them in her hand.

“I love you, Wendelgard!” said Flan. I want to return with you to Thunder Haven!”

“I must forbid that!” said Zarangollo. “I am too old to train another apprentice!”

Gordito, the mayor of Mildendo thanked Wendelgard for her help, and requested that she vanquish some of the criminals of their society. He wanted her to swallow their most hardened criminals.

The chief of police marched a half dozen convicts out to the town square, to be swallowed alive by the mighty giantess. Wendelgard swallowed them one by one, and rubbed her tummy to indicate to the Lilliputian mayor that they were a satisfying meal.

The wife of one of the swallowed criminals approached Wendelgard, but the guards tried to block the tiny woman from coming near the juvenile giantess. Wendelgard asked the guards to allow the woman to approach her, and they let her pass. The woman explained to the authoritative adolescent that her husband was innocent.

“Is there a way I can vomit up the captives I just swallowed?” Wendelgard asked.

“We have barrels of Ipecac syrup that induce vomiting,” Zarangollo recommended. “The mayor can order his men to bring about half a dozen barrels of it for you to drink.”

The Lilliputians brought her several barrels of the stuff, and she drank it and vomited up the captives.

Meanwhile, the humans returned to their boats and headed out into the water, along with a captive Lilliputian named Manioc who was working with them. They promised to establish him as the new monarch if he helped them on their mission. Manioc directed them to the Hemlock groves on another part of the island, the berries of which were in season at that time of the year. They would be able to harvest enough Hemlock from the berries to poison the juvenile juggernaut and carry out their mission.

The humans returned under cover of night and sought out the giantess. She was sleeping in a field on the outskirts of the capitol city. Flan awakened and warned her. Wendelgard stood up just as they shot arrows at her that had been dipped in Hemlock. Flan took a torch and lit the arrows on fire, so the humans could no longer use them, but not before Wendelgard lost consciousness from the Hemlock.

Zarangollo knew of an antidote for the Hemlock, but got knocked unconscious before he could implement his plan. Flan went with him when they got captured by humans. The Lilliputians were kept in wooden cages, and Flan tried to awaken Zarangollo, but failed.

Manioc asked his human captors to keep their end of the bargain. One of the humans didn’t want to, but the other humans pointed out that without Manioc, they never could’ve defeated the giantess. Manioc was appointed emperor of Lilliput, and the true emperor was enslaved by the human giants, and was in one of the wooden cages along with Flan and the others on the boats the humans arrived in.

Flan finally managed to awaken Zarangollo, and the older man explained where the plant can be found to counteract the effects of the Hemlock. The leaves must be lit on fire, and the giantess must breathe in the fumes to be healed.

Flan escaped from his cage by using a knife the humans hadn’t confiscated and cut into the wooden bars of his cage. He dove into the water, and went to retrieve the antidote to resuscitate Wendelgard.

At the break of Dawn, Flan managed to gather enough of the plant leaves and lit them ablaze beneath Wendelgard’s face. She breathed in the fumes and was healed from the effects of the Hemlock. Flan explained to her that the Lilliputians were being held captive aboard the boats off shore, and Wendelgard went there to retrieve the captives.

Wendelgard grabbed all of the cages and brought them back to land, and smashed them open, releasing the captives. She returned to grab the boats the humans were on, and took their smaller (to her) boats to her boat, which existed on a larger scale. Once all of the humans were captured, the true emperor was reinstated and Manioc was sent to go back to Thunder Haven with Wendelgard. If he remained in Lilliput, he would’ve been executed.

Zarangollo energized a Quartz crystal on Wendelgard’s right bangle with the Icosahedron.

“The Icosahedron is charging this crystal so it will have more than enough power to open a dimensional portal when you reach a nexus point out at sea. This will ensure that you arrive safely back in Thunder Haven.”

Wendelgard said goodbye to Zarangollo and Flan, and set out to return home. When she reached the nexus point out at sea that Zarangollo had mentioned, the Quartz Crystal in her bangle automatically initiated a dimensional portal, and her boat passed through uneventfully.

Wendelgard soon arrived back in Thunder Haven with her captives, and reunited with her family. They were glad to have her back, they had been concerned about her. Wendelgard showed them her captives, proving that girls can also be conquerors!

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