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dreamt July 23/24, 222 (around midnight and a little after), on/in mom and dad's bed.
         Pins and needles were hidden beneath the quilt, throughout mom and dad's bed. As I pushed down on the "quilt," ends of pins and needles (mostly an assortment of needles---all sizes and forms) popped up through the quilt... like squeezing a pimple.

         To prevent injury, I removed the pins and/or needles, one-by-one, gently and carefully placing them in the cupped palm of my left hand.

         The task was constant, relentless, overwhelming with no shortage of pins and needles in sight. As I dreamt, I felt anxious, almost frantic as I knew I must continue until there were no more pins and needles.

         Near the end of the dream, I uncovered a sewing set that I instinctively knew belonged to (and was likely left there by) mom, including scissors, thread, and various hand-sewing paraphernalia.

         I awoke abruptly, knowing the dream was significant... with an interpretation likely.


NOTE: My mother passed way this year----mid-afternoon, Tuesday, February 15, 2022.
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