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I taken this from fictionmania
This is a story of an Indian male on Indian theme.
The story happened on year 2030 where the male to female gender ratio is low as 70:30 and the government passed a new bill for young males in colleges for to fill the gender gap.
My credit: this story is not mine and I found that in fictionmania

Operation sakti
By bharthi

This is a story of an Indian male on Indian theme.

The story happened on year 2030 where the male to female gender ratio is low as 70:30 and the government passed a new bill for young males in colleges for to fill the gender gap.

Hi my name is deepika age 25 years old female.

Let me start my story when my age was 18 years old .My birth name is deva born as a boy.

I was born in a very rich family where my father is industrialist and my mother is housewife. I have two sisters sherya aged 20 and pranitha aged 16 .My father is well dominated man in our family and everyone has to obey his orders without any contest. My father always thinks and teaches me that women should not raise a word against man and they are only capable of household work and taking care of children. Because of my father impact on me I too started treating women in a different way by not giving any proper respect to my sisters and mother. I always used to tease my sisters by pulling their hair bands and bra straps. They usually gave a complaint to my mother regarding my behavior. What can my mother do to me hahaha I always have a full support from my father.

I joined in one of the top engineering college in Chennai. My class strength is of 50 students where 35 are male and 15 are female. I am very good in sports and very poor in studies. Lot of girls try to hang with me because of my money and six pack body but I always treat girls as candies and try to use them and leave them as dustbins. I am the captain to my class cricket team and volley ball team. I have few enemies in my class one of them is Arjun and he is a very big competitor to me in every aspect. He is the vice captain to the cricket team and he is from political background family where his father is Member of Parliament. He tries to dominate me and very often we are going to fight in the college.

Two years gone successfully in the college and on one fine day I have seen a very beautiful girl named pooja who joined as a fresher to my college.

I tried to talk with pooja and date with her. But she always smoothly rejects my offers as she is a very reserved and traditional girl. After some days I got frustrated because of her continuous rejections in my love and I started ragging (teasing) her in college. One day she gave a complaint to her brother as I am continuously teasing and what's the biggest shock I came to know was she is the sister of Arjun my rival in the class. He warned me and asked me stay away from his sister. As usual small fight happens between us and this makes puja and me apart. She too starts hating me like his brother Arjun.

Life seems very bore to me and I didn't guess my life is going to completely change very soon. India is one of the top countries which are more advanced in space research and medical fields. It was year 2029 where the our prime minister Vimala Krishnan who is the youngest female PM aged 40 years old held a top secret meeting in new Delhi. Top scientists and medical research guys in the country participated in the meeting and came to conclusion that they have start a revolutionary medical operation in the country by 2030.The operation is named as sakthi. The main goal of this operation sakthi is to neutralize the gender ratio as 50:50 by turning the access males to females very soon. As of now males are outnumbered as 70:30 due to there is a huge shortage of girls in the society .Marriage for boys is going to be very difficult and the rape cases on women is going high day by day. The main target of operation sakthi is twenty year old boys in the country. Every twenty year old boy has to attend a gender test on women's day march 8th every year. If someone misses the test then he is going to pay the price.

Test results are declared by depending upon several analysis. Total marks for this test is 100.Blueprint for this test as follows.10 percentage for sports test,40 percentage for analytical test and 50 percentage of marks is for male hormonal count.

The government of India announced operation sakthi and moved the bill to the parliament. What's interesting is none of the MP's in the parliament opposed because everyone knows the drastic things are going to happen if they are not going to pass the bill for future generations. So many teenage boys below 21 years old are protested against the bill. The government has taken necessary steps for these agitations and finally passed the bill in the parliament. The synopsis of this bill is once the guy fails in the gender test they are going to give a drug called sakthi which will change the gender in three months of time. Once the news is telecasted my father and I were shocked because at that time I am 20 years of age and I have to go through the test. My mom and sisters felt very happy inside even though they didn't express any enjoyment feelings outside as because my father is seriously watching the news. My father told me everything is going to be fine and be positive. On that night my sisters came to my bedroom and told me for sure, I am going to fail the exam because they are some analytical questions in the test which will almost worth of 40 percentage of the result. They waved their hands happily told me good night sister and soon you are going to join in our bedroom in between two of us. At that time my fear starts inside me what if I am going to fail in the test and what about my future and how the class boys treats me once I changed to female and what about Arjun. How can I show my face to Arjun and his sister Pooja. How my dad treat me after the change and how my mother and sisters take revenge on me. I didn't have proper sleep that night.

On the next day every one is the class have a discussion regarding this issue. My college principal Priyanka Sharma conducted a assembly meeting to all the guys in the college and instructed everyone in the third year engineering guys to prepare well for the exam. She told us mostly last 15 guys in the class out of 50 were going to fail in the exam and after the result the class is going to maintain 50:50 gender ratio. Those who are going to fail in the test are going to follow special circular throughout the year. Everyone dispersed from the meeting with at most fears in their heart.

On that day my dad told me he appointed one of the top tutors in the city so that it will be easy to pass in the gender test. For 2 months I studied hard and prepared for the exam in mean time my sisters are teasing and disturbing me. I am just concentrating for the exam once I got passed then I will show hell to my sisters by abusing physically and verbally.

Day by day I am gaining the confidence and tried to be very good in sports as well. One of my friends told me arjun had an accident last night and for him it is very difficult even to write the exam. Then sudden dreams came to my mind if arjun is not going to clear the exam then I will rape both Arjun and Puja.on that night I slept very happily by dreaming arjun will fail the exam and am going to harass both Arjun and Puja daily in the college.

Then it comes to most awaiting day of the year March 8th gender test day. I attended the test in my college and what surprised me is my enemy arjun too attended the test with swollen face. In the evening we had to attend sports test and finally doctor takes our sperm and blood samples. On April 1st results are going to be displayed on the internet. After completing the test my father asked me how I have written the exam. I told him that I am very sure I cracked the exam very well and we are going to celebrate a big party on our home on April 1st. Because of over confidence in the exam I again started teasing my sisters and pooja. Pooja is waiting patience for April 1st results. I asked pooja about her brother result she told me he will pass the exam with the top in the class. I had a very good laugh for 30min as I know that he will fail in the exam because he didn't do well in the sports exam. On that day I finally dared to touch pooja breasts and ass because she looks too hot in the saree.she cried and went to her home.It seems I am very lucky she didn't inform to anyone about this harassment.

Big Day: April 1st

I woke up in the morning by my sisters and mother. It seems they went to temple in the early morning for to pray god that I should fail in the exam. My father called me and gave Benz car as a gift. I told him that we will go for a ride after 10am because they will declare results by 9am in the morning.

I opened the website gendertest.com and entered my unique id in the screen. Result shows that Deva fails the exam. My heart explodes and i am unable to breathe properly. I am hearing very good enjoyment laughs by my sisters in their bedroom. It seems they already gone through my result. I got a phone call from unknown number says HI BABY..HOW ARE YOU SEXY DOLL..it's me Arjun …in the background voice someone is saying brother I will take to her..Please I am eagerly waiting for this moment then I came to know she is none other than my lover pooja. She says HI SISTER-IN-LAW I am waiting for you in the college please try to touch me again you will see what is going to happen next..Then I switched off my mobile phone immediately.

My dad is shouting angrily from the hall and all the servants in my house came to know that I have failed in the exam and I am going to change into female in next 3 months of time .My mother came to my room and told me bear your dad words for today and never say a word against him. I slowly reached to the hall and dad told me I have a lot of expectations in you but you have failed to reach my expectations. I always try to give the best and never asked you how much you are going to spend .But today I have lost my only one son Deva and gained a third daughter Deepika.please return your credit card and Benz car keys. Now onwards your mother will take care about you. I always plan to handover our company when you reach 25 years of age. But now it is out of question and I will try to get best husbands for my 3 daughters. The word husband once reaches to my mind my body starts shivering. Instead of going to office daily just take care of your husband once you got married then there will not be any problem to you as there is no more analytical test and sports test. Do you know how many marks you got just 79 out of 100.cutoff marks in your class is 81 marks. You have lost the race in 2 marks. You sister pranitha showed me your marks sheet which is available in your college site. Just move from here and cry like a girl in your room. I went to my room and closed the door and just thinking how cruel my dad is. From today onwards I should not ask anything from him and just started crying like a girl what my dad just said
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