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Rocking out in Miami.
I'm showing my age writing this. One of the unexpected bonuses of the videogame Grand Theft Auto Vice City is that it has a spectacular sound track. The game is set in Vice City which resembles Florida in the 1980s. (A nod to the TV series Miami Vice.) Players of the game are treated to radio stations playing classic 80's songs as they drive around causing chaos throughout the city. Having been born in the 80's, I love the sound track of this game a lot.

The Game includes such hits as...
Flock of Seagulls - I run so Far Away
Michael Jackson - Billy Jean
Lionel Ritchie - Running with the Night
Toto - I Kissed the Rains down in Africa

My favorite Song to listen to in the game however was...

Just Died in your Arms tonight by Cutting Crew

Whenever that song would come on in the in game radio, I would rock out hard to it.

I wound up making my own CD of 80's music from the game to drive along to. Of course listening to that song was a huge treat on any long drive. My favorite time playing the soundtrack was driving around Miami bringing some in game moments to life minus anything illegal. It felt awesome!!
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