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A short poem about being abandoned...
Walk to the door

You approach the back door.
As smooth as any fiend.
And you don’t make a sound.
I watch you pick up speed.

There’s no one around you.
I can’t alert a soul.
No way to block your exit.
So intent and cold.

Toys don’t block your journey.
As if they ever could?
Nothing ever good enough.
Merely made of wood.

Stuck in the room with me.
Pleas don’t escape the gloom.
We’re just young and boring.
Came along too soon.

Never a mean word said.
Barely mentioned at all.
Given the chance to know.
I never made the call.

A book I never read.
I know who lay me down.
Gentle hands of my Dad.
Tears wept without a sound.
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