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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2278122
Flash Fiction
Doing the Job Right

“We need to get rid of the mice!” Andy said, as one scurried under the fridge.

“I know,” said Angela, “but I won’t squish them in those horrible traps. I’m reading about catch and release. We need to catch them and release them three miles away.”

“Three miles!?”

“They say, any closer and they will just find their way back.”

“Good gravy! Three miles? Well... how?”

“I’m not sure. But we need to plug up all the entryways first. I’ve been reading about it. They can squeeze through tiny openings, it’s like they have rubber bones the way they can squeeze through places. They climb up and down the water spouts to the roof, and in any crack, like where the front steps meet our foundation, or a loose window, it’s crazy! Not worth doing the catching, till we plug up the holes because other mice will just take their place. We have to stop them.”

“You’ve researched well! How do we start?”

After Andy left to gather supplies, the mouse came out from under the fridge.

“That was careless!” said Angela. “Why are you upstairs in the daytime?”

“Baby Fritz got away. I had to come get him,” a tiny baby mouse peeked out from under the fridge. “It won’t happen again!”

“It’s important! If he sees you again, he may sneak traps in!”

“Speaking of sneaky, how are we supposed to get out if you plug up all the holes?”

“Oh, silly! I wouldn’t plug all the holes! It’s bad enough being a human without losing all my friends too.” In a puff of smoke, Angela turned into a mouse. I can’t wait till this assignment is over!”

“How long?”

“Another fifty seven years...”

“Ouch!” said the mouse.

“Ah,” Angela said, “You know, it’s really not so bad...
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