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Rated: E · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2278157
Sam Adams Commander Unit 5569 for Daily Flash

         Sam Adams was an old white man, an ex- Colonel in the Army with lots of hard tours in his past. He had lost his mind due to Alzheimer’s, alcoholism, drugs, and rampant PST. He was the commander of an imaginary army base, Rock Creek Base, Unit 5569 - hidden deep in Rock Creek Park with five other homeless vets.

Sam Adams was obsessed with finding his ex-wife, Maria Lee, who
divorced him, and took all his money and possessions, leaving him a car, some personal gear, and clothing and cloudy memories.

One day, Jake Lee came up to Sam who was in a lucid mood,

“Colonel Sam, We found your place, Sir.”

Jake Lee showed Sam a picture of a mansion in DC.

Sam said,

“Let’s go. We have to stop them.”

Three of the unit members plus Ed Jones, the gang banger friend of theirs, put their bags together and got into and car and went to the house.

They knocked on the door and Sam said,

Summoning his old command voice, asked the maid who answered the door, a question.

“I used to live here and there is a secret safe in the basement. Can we come in, please?

“Let me check with the owner.”

To their pleasant surprise, it all worked out as Sam had predicted.

They came to the basement. Sam point to a corner. Jake and Ed opened it up, saw the safe, and opened it.

The safe contained one hundred gold bars, an estimated street value of 20 million dollars, and a piece of paper with names written on it. Jake took the piece of paper and discretely hid it, as insurance.

Sam’s nemesis, the mysterious Mr. Smith who had married Maria, made.them signed an NDA. They made a hit movie anyway.
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