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Another early work of mine. My first attempt at a sort of sci-fi type horror story.
Excerpt from the Book of Deus:

For untold millennia, the Earth was ravaged by humanity, who spread evil, war and corruption all across the world. Whether it be for wealth, belief or malice, the nations of the world endlessly battled each other and spilled their own blood. Until the coming of Zejovah. He appeared from the paradise of Olympius, and with a display of his mighty strength and awesome power, purged the Earth of its corrupt and greedy rulers.

He explained to the remaining humans that his race, the Deus, came from a world separated from our own by an invisible wall called the Universal Barrier. Olympius, as this world is known, is the ultimate utopia, where there is no war or disease or famine. The Deus had been watching the Earth for eons, and knew if they did not intervene, the world, along with humanity, was doomed.

Thus, Zejovah had been sent as humanity and the Earth’s savior. The Deus saw that spread among the population of the world were humans who were pure and honest, but they were few and far between. Zejovah declared that humanity should be given a chance to prove itself to be worthy of joining the Deus on Olympius, and thus the Earth became one. The ceaselessly warring nations and all forms of wealth were abolished, all diseases and maladies cured, and all hunger ended. With these gifts, Zejovah and his wife Diva established themselves as the governors of Earth, and the arbiters of humanity. When a human proves themselves worthy, they are allowed to join the Deus in the paradise of Olympius.

March 15, 12,872 A.D.

This is it! I can’t believe it! I finally did it! Lord Zejovah has declared me worthy of Olympius! From the time I was born, my parents told me stories of our lords Zejovah and Diva, and their incredible power. How they cleansed the world of corruption and bloodshed over ten thousand years ago, how the world used to be plagued by countless diseases and people who never had enough to eat or drink and were always suffering. Until they appeared and purged the world of these evils and more.

Now they wait for me at the Sky Palace. A great feast is to be held in my honor for me and my family, before I bid them farewell and finally join our Lord’s kin in Olympius. My Mother, Father and sister were overcome with joy and pride when they received the news, that I would be the first of us to ascend to paradise. My mother hugged me so tight I thought she might break me in half, and my father, he could not stop saying how proud he was. As for my younger sister, she hugged me as well, though I’m quite sure I could see just a hint of envy in her eyes.

We leave our home and depart for the Sky Palace. I can’t even remember how many times I would gaze up at the gold and ivory towers of the palace from my bedroom window and imagine myself rising above the clouds to the home of our Lords, to tread the very halls of salvation and at last pass through the Ivory Arch to Olympius.

When we arrived at the palace grounds, Lord Zejovah and Lady Diva were there in the flesh, waiting for us. They both towered over us at ten feet tall, their golden skin and silver, almost metallic hair practically gleaming in the sunlight, their pure white clothing fluttering in the gentle breeze. We all approach them and get on our knees and bow low. “Arise.” Said Lord Zejovah, and we all immediately got back on our feet.

Lord Zejovah looked down upon us, at me in particular, and smiled, his perfect, shining white teeth nearly blinding me with their gleam. “Young man.” He said “You are officially the youngest human to ever receive the honor of being allowed to ascend to Olympius. Most of your kind spend their entire lives struggling to prove themselves worthy, while you have done it in not even a quarter of the time. You will make a fine addition to Deus society, I’m sure.” He turned to his wife, Lady Diva.

“Anything to say to the boy, Dear?”

She smiled, her teeth even more brilliant than her husband’s, and said “You are truly a credit to your family, and your kind. Living proof that there is hope for any human to achieve purity.” I bow again. “I am honored by your words and your judgment, my Lord and Lady.” Lord Zejovah spread his arms wide in welcome, and said “Come now, your grand feast awaits!”

We follow them to the enormous golden twin doors of the palace entrance. Lord Zejovah effortlessly pushes both doors open, and ushers us into a grand hall, with carvings depicting the various stories of our Lord and Lady and their great deeds lining the walls. We are led to an equally grand dining hall, with a long, polished wooden table with golden trays and utensils lining it, as well as piles upon piles of various foods. We all sit at the table, marveling at the sight. Never in our lives have we ever seen so much food for a single meal! After our hosts take their seats at the head of the table, we begin to eat.

I don’t know what it is, but something about this food makes it taste even better than if we were eating at home! When we finish, Lord Zejovah stands and says “Now my boy, it is time. I suggest you bid your family goodbye, but don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be joining you soon enough.” I give my mother one last kiss, and my Father and sister one last hug, and I say goodbye to each of them before we are led to the one room in the palace that everyone on Earth dreams of entering: the room of the Ivory Arch.

As the name implies, it is a room with only a large arch in the center. Lord Zejovah and Lady Diva each go to opposite sides of the arch and place their hands on it. Instantly, the center space of the arch illuminates with a bright yellow light. The portal through the Universal Barrier, the gate to Olympius. I turn around and give my family one last smile and a wave goodbye, before I step through the portal and immediately feel a very warm sensation spread throughout my body, and a blinding flash of yellow light forces me to close my eyes.

When I open them again, I am standing in the center of a beautiful city of ivory and gold, surrounded by other gold skinned, silver haired beings. The Deus. One of them approaches me with a large silver circlet in one hand. Before I can greet him, the circlet, as though with a mind of it’s own, flies from his hand and clamps itself around my neck. An electric shock surges through my body, causing me to drop to my knees, trying to pry the ring off, to no avail. Suddenly, I’m having a hard time remembering where I came from or who I am, I can feel my memories fading to nothing. The last thing I hear before I completely forget is one of the Deus talking about me, saying “Just one this time? Well, once the collar takes full effect, he should make a perfect slave, just like the rest.”
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