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free verse poem ..a spiritual recovery
On this particular journey of many,
love of Nature drew me into the woods. Verdant hues
and a myriad of wildflowers scattered like jeweled treasures
beckoned me. Seeking an easement of pain for the body and soul.

My trek purposely took me deep into the forest
away from concrete dull in color, cold hard steel,
the choking on burnt rubber, and stained oil splatters.
Loudness of human stutter and vehicular chatter.
Constant clutter of streets and minds. Acceleration seemed prevalent.
I sought to escape the speed, chaos, and confusion. A need for clarity.

The forest was for me a paradox of peace and unrest.
The known and unknown dwell together deep in the heart of the wooded area.
Yet, I welcomed the cloak of mystery it offered. A search for enlightenment
in the darkness.Trading despair for hope. A settling for the unsettled spirit.
Sounds and songs of woodland creatures surely would be lullabies for my soul.

As I left the leaf shimmering daylight at the edges of the forest
and entered heavy tree canopied belly of possibilities, I chose to get lost
in the darkness. After sometime of reflecting, gathering thoughts,
and summoning my wits, I longed to rejoin the brighter path
from where I first entered on this journey. Revelations guided me home.
A beacon of sorts.
When appreciating life lessons discovered in darkness, then only can we see light.
Yin and yang of our existence.
Realization became the light of my truth and purpose, yet with an understanding
I still exist in a continued bleak and chaotic world.

On this particular journey of many,
I discovered in Nature's setting my personal recovery.
What frightens me, excites me, exults me, and what teaches me.
I remembered who I am; the significant part of myself I had forgotten.
My essence and resonating energy.
My spiritual identity includes courage, dedication, and determination
to continue creating and re-creating the person I've always meant to be.
Simply to be the precious I Am.

I rejoice.

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