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Cat and Dog People for Writer's Cramp
Cat and Dog People


The world is so divided
These days
Between the cat people
And the dog people.

Few have both
President Bush, Clinton, and Obama
Had presidential cats and dogs
Trump infamously did not either.

As a cat person, I think cats
Are strange creatures
Aloof, alien creatures
Cats take care of themselves.

Cats are superior mouse catchers
Love to hunt and kill for pleasure
Like some human beings.

If humanity were to encounter
An alien cat civilization
There would be instant war

As cats and humans
Would just not get each other
And the cats would demand
The earth people bow down
In the worship of their superiority.

Dogs on the other hand
Are similar to humans
They are best friends
Serving as a therapy pet
{/b}service dog, and guard dog

When we meet our canine civilization
Humans and dogs
Would get along
Kindred species in a way

Write a story or poem about a cat versus dog lover's argument on why their pet is the perfect pet. What makes that so and why? Who wins?

Include the following words in bold
therapy pet
service dog
mouse catcher
guard dog
cats take care of themselves.
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