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i can't - A simple expression of love from a man to his wife, his best friend and lover.

I can't talk to you without feeling honor.
I can't see you without feeling wonder.
I can't touch you without feeling pure.
I can't feel you without wanting more.
I can't hold you without feeling safe.
I can't kiss you without feeling great.
I can't miss you without feeling pain.
I can't see you without wanting to again.
I can't watch you without feeling awe.
I can't love you without feeling loved.
I can't lay with you without feeling passion.
I can't stay away without feeling rationed.
I can't dream of you without sleeping soundly.
I can't cope without you around me.
I can't sleep without you in our bed.
I can't be alive without feeling your breath.
I can't think without you on my mind.
I can't leave without feeling unkind,
I can’t feel real without our souls touching.
I can't exist without your love every day.
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