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Google sues Sonos over smart speaker and voice control tech
Google is hitting back at Sonos with a couple of claims charging that the remote speaker organization is encroaching on some of its licenses around savvy speakers and voice control innovation. It's the most recent volley in an ever changing fight over remote speakers that has up until this point included different claims from Sonos, one claim from Google, and one decision for Sonos that is directed to highlights being taken from Google's items.
These new claims charge encroachment of seven extra licenses. One claim centers around hotword discovery and remote charging, and the other spins around how a gathering of speakers figures out which one ought to answer voice input.
Google representative José Castañeda said the claims are being recorded to "protect our innovation and challenge Sonos' unmistakable, proceeded with encroachment of our licenses." Castañeda said that Sonos had "began a forceful and misdirecting effort against our items, to the detriment of our common clients."

The two claims are being recorded today in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Google intends to record comparable claims with the US International Trade Commission before long that will try to boycott imports of any encroaching Sonos items, Castañeda told The Verge.

The lawful encounter began in 2020 when Sonos at first sued Google over multiroom speaker innovation. The two organizations had joined forces years sooner to make Google administrations work on Sonos speakers, and Sonos asserted that Google proceeded to take its speaker tech to construct the Google Home and different gadgets. Google countersued months after the fact, guaranteeing Sonos encroached on some of its licenses, as well. Once more, then Sonos sued. At long last, in January — two years after the main claim was documented — the US International Trade Commission administered in support of Sonos, tracking down Google disregarding Sonos' licenses.

Accordingly, Google has needed to change highlights of a portion of its items. That included Google eliminating the capacity to change the volume of a gathering of speakers without a moment's delay — an irritating change for proprietors of numerous Google speakers. The present claims is by all accounts an endeavor by Google to acquire influence on Sonos as the two fight over highlights.
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