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Nonwriters Ask Why to Write? Poet’s Place
non writers ask why to write? Poet’s Place

Non-writers often ask
Their writer friends
Why do you do it?
Why do you write?

Why waste your time
Especially if you will never
Make any money at it?

Don’t you know
The rule of ten applies.
Of a hundred people
Who wants to write a novel
Ten write it
Of those ten only one gets published
Of the published writers
Only ten make any money
Of those who make money
Only ten make a living
Of those who make a living
Only ten make a lot of money

So again they ask their writer friend
Why do you do what you do
Why do you write?

The only answer that makes sense
Is that I write
Because I must write

The muse takes control
And I must follow my muse
And write
Even though I know
That in the end
I probably won’t make any money

But still, I must write
And write until the day
I can write no more.
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