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A content that introduces the various types of learners and their learning styles.
The Art Of Learning

There's a process to everything whether good or bad, known or unknown, physical or spiritual and that is "the art of learning".

Almost every knowledge is acquired through one form of learning or the other, direct or indirect, formal or informal.
" experience is the best teacher" wouldn't be feasible without the priceless "art of learning".

Learning has been there since ancient practices and is a can't do without in the process of mastery and will be valuable even for the ages to come.

Learning is the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge.


Learning is the process of committing to memory

The art of learning is the process of acquiring relevant skills and knowledge via the process of learning.

Incredibly, our world is loaded with a very wonderful and fascinating number of characters including numerous number of people with astonishing levels of learning, thereby creating a diversified teaching tactics both in formal and informal systems of education.

There are different types of persons with different methods of learning, namely:
Visual learners
Audio learners
Reading/writing learners
Kinesthetic learners.

Here's a brief look into the different types of learners, their characteristics, challenges and opportunities, so you can recognize where you belong to and maximize your nature and become the best you can be.

THE VISUAL LEARNERS - referred to as " spatial learners", these prefers to learn through sights, diagrams and written directions, they do best with pictures and images.
Their characteristics includes:
A good sense of direction and can read maps
Love for doodling and colouring
You have a great memory when you see things
You enjoy watching clips related to the book you are studying
You might create a flowchart for your study plan
You like playing videos and looking at objects

Their challenges includes:
You tend to lose focus when listening to lectures or reading a book
You get confused when you're in a group discussion
Some special equipment, tools are required for visual learning

Their opportunities includes:
You can be successful being a
Interior designer
Cartoonist or graphics artist

The Audio learners:
these are for those who respond well to lectures, oral instructions and music, those who focuses easily on spoken words

Their characteristics includes:
You benefit most from lectures and group discussions
You can associate different sounds with learning environment
You like listening and speaking activities
You can remember how words sounded and how someone said them
You can study and understand better by reading out loud
You are very skilled in oral presentation

Their challenges includes:
Written text rarely shows your true potentials
When you write sonething down, you may reverse or forget them
Your written notes can be too confusing
Noise can affect you negatively
You can be too talkative

Their opportunities includes:
You might consider a career in
music because you are most likely skilled in rthyms and beats
Sound engineering

Reading/writing learners:
these group of learners consumes information best when in words, whether by written words or by reading them out.

Physical or kinesthetic learners:
these are people who loves using their entire body to understand or process information.

Their characteristics includes:
You like to touch things to feel their texture
You like to role-play and act out situations
You can mimic other peoples activities
You enjoy sports

Their challenges includes:
You get bored quickly
You can't spend a long time sitting to study
People around might get too distracted because you move too much

Their opportunities includes:
A dancer
Physical Therapist

There are other various types of learners like the:
Logical or mathematical learners
Social or interpersonal learners
Solitary or intra-personal learners

And all have their various unique characters, challenges and opportunities.

Finally, no matter which group or groups you belong to, what matters is that you take advantage of it and make the best out of yourself.Shalom.
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