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Reading the Classics for Writer's Cramp

14 Lines

I feel just lazy
I am retired
So I can do what I want.
When I want.
And sometimes
All I want to do
Is curl up with a good book.
Either paperback or kindle.
Lately reading the classics
Today will finish Moonstone
A 19th-century mystery classic.
Filled with intrigue
And oriental mysticism.

John's Birthday Week (E)
Writer's Cramp Contest Entry
#2278319 by Lazy Writer est 4/24/2008 (155)

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Write a story or poem inspired by this prompt:

August 9th is "Book Lover's Day"
August 10th is "Lazy Day"

Write a poem or story about spending the day reading your favorite book!

Include the title of a book and make sure it's bolded
Give some thought to the setting and tell us where the main character will spend the day lazily reading!

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