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But your eyes just glide over the mask
Behind the Mask
A woman screaming, clawing at the confines
of her own mind
wanting to be seen, wanting to be heard

But the Body doesn't listen
Avoiding pain by betraying no feelings
Rejection hurts, not being seen is safer
It's reasonable

Sometimes, the woman gets through though
Claws her way to the surface
Hands chaffed and bleeding
All for that one, fleeting eye contact
that simple smile, a promise
But then instinct, like a turtle retreating,
like a snail hiding
the Body drags her back under
covers all emotion with that bland Mask
And she screams and cries and claws
I'm right here, see me, hold me, touch me
Release me

But your eyes just glide over that Mask, that curious girl
who never really laughs
never really talks
For a moment you wonder if maybe...

But then your eyes pass her
the thought is lost
You turn around

The mask never falters
Behind it, I scream
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