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by hidaia
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My response to negative feedback from Ingramspark regarding closing my four accounts
My response to negative feedback from Ingramspark.com regarding closing my four accounts without reason

I contacted some some Bureaues and some Alliances to contact Ingramspark.com regarding closing my four accounts without reason. They told me they are getting negative feedback from Ingramspark and are not willing to resolve the problem and closing my case without resolution.

I really don’t know why Ingramspark fight me such way. Why they don’t say truth ????
Please read the story carefully from my article

My response to the administration of Ingramspark.com regarding the arbitrary closing of my accounts for no reason:

I want to explain that I never had problem or any conflict with Ingramspark.com from the time I opened my four accounts in Dec 2020
- Account Number: 9160931 (opened in Dec 2020)
- Account Number: 9201372 (opened in Dec 2020)
- Account Number: 9200686 (opened in Dec 2020))
- Account Number: 9200306 (opened in Dec 2020))

I did not know that is not allowed to open multiple accounts and they never contacted me about that or any other issue. I never disturbed them even with a ticket.

The reason that I opened many accounts that I asked Ingramspark support and told me it is allowed as long I publish different books on them. I grouped my books in four accounts and my books were different. That was for my publishing security as I experienced that publishing websites close accounts anytime without reason as happened now in Ingramspark. I was maintaining my accounts properly and I had no problem and conflict with them at all and they never contacted me about that.

Ingramspark keeps changing regulation and they want now to close old authors accounts to allow only certain vendors to open accounts and that why they dont accept inbound calls from customers today. They want to close accounts and runaway as they did with me

In April 2022 they sent me email from Carries Fox that I must keep only one account. I responded them directly that I want to keep account 9160931 active and to transfer the other books from other accounts to it. Carries Fox was not responding. Finally she responded that she will do that.

But they did not transfer the books from April 2022. I thought they will keep all my four accounts. But suddenly I got sudden email after three months in July 2022 from Carries Fox that they are closing all my accounts with no discussion and it is final decision. I did not open any new account from Dec 2020. So I surprised why they act with me such way.

I tried to email them and phone them but they closed the phones in my face and dont answer my emails. I got aggressive letter from the Legal department that the decision is final and they will not reopen any account for me and they also will prevent me from opening new account after closing all my accounts

The publishing of a book in in Ingramspark not free. It costs the publisher 50 USD plus I must buy two ISBNs one for digital and other for paper book. The cost of one ISBN is around 20 USD. So imagine each (paper/ebook) costs 90 USD. I have around 99 (paper+epub titles) in four accounts. So I deserve 8910 USD. Who is going to pay me that amount. That why they afraid to discuss with me and run away because they know I deserve the publishing costs of the books.

I've been publishing at times when they offer a Promotion Code that exempts me the $50 book publishing fee but doesn't exempts me from the cost of ISBNs. And if I need for example to republish the 99 (paper+ebook) titles, I must pay the publication costs for the books again. So I deserve compensation of the the publication cost of all 99 (paper+ebooks) (around 8910 USD)

I can send you the list of my books to check

Please assist me with my complaint about Ingramspark to reopen my four accounts they closed Arbitrary or find some sort of fair resolution such as leaving one account (account 9160931) active and transferring the books of all other accounts to the active account (as I originally agreed with them).

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