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Provides tips on avoidance and control of hypertension
Health tips one
Defeating hypertension
The number of cases of high blood pressure is becoming alarming as it is becoming one of the most silent killers of its victims.
Several lives has been lost to hypertensive conditions and it's still claiming lives today.
Hypertension is a health condition that can be caused by various factors including:
Obesity or overweight
Alcohol consumption
Old age
Adrenal or thyroid disorder
To mention but a few causes of the ailment.

There are several drugs prescriptions for hypertensive patients, but here are few tips to lower and normalize your blood pressure even without medication
Weight Control
Regular exercises
Healthy diet
Quit smoking
Abstain from alcohol
Reduce stress
Monitor your blood pressure regularly.

Also, hypertensive patients should also monitor their diet and reduce intake of foods that increase blood pressure. Foods like:
foods with low salt content
plain rice, pasta and potatoes
Skinless turkey and chicken
Lean meat

This are just few foods to control hypertension. Also not forgetting constant hydration and remember faith in God. Shalom
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