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Dream Device for Writer's Cramp
Dream Device

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I am a scientist at CAL and invent a dream recorder. It records dreams into a video and audio file that can be edited and shared in the metaverse as well. The device works as a wearable implant. You turn it on, and it records your dreams as you dream them. It also records your thoughts during the day and short-term memories. All of which can be retrieved from the device. The device uses a disposable data stick that records 48 hours of activity, set to memories, or dreams. The device is a huge hit and there are soon dream channels on YouTube and elsewhere where people can upload dreams and vote for their favorite dreams. Many writers use the site for inspiration. Dreams are copyrightable, but one can waive the copyright to facilitate sharing.

One feature of the device is that you can share it via the internet and VR meta devices enter into other people’s dreams, sharing their dreams and fantasies. Use of the device becomes very addictive, and there are underground clubs where you use the device in the meta space while consuming drugs and drinking to enhance your dream experience.

An x-rated version appears that allows users to enter the minds of other users and engage in virtual sex with them. The most popular format is gender-bending porn where men can enter the mind of a female and experience sex as a woman and a woman can experience sex as a man. The odd thing about it was mostly men wanted to have sex as a woman and not the other way around.

The memory implant can be used in a court of law. And the memory implant can be used to erase traumatic memories including erasing memories of ex-husbands or wives which becomes a very common thing that occurs after a divorce with both parties agreeing to remove their respective memories of each other.

Write a story or poem about a hot, new, supposedly world-changing product appearing for sale ... and the unexpected consequences that result from its widespread purchase.

Be creative!

Due August 12th, 2022 before noon, WdC time. === ( Deadline: 15 hours 30 minutes 9 seconds )

* 1000-word limit on stories, a 40-line limit on poems
* Newly composed for the contest.
* Meet ALL the criteria in the prompt
* Format any required words/phrases in the body of your piece in bold to assist your judge. Do NOT put other words/phrases in bold.
* Save your story or poem as a static item in your portfolio
* Post a b-item link to your composition in your post to the Cramp forum
* Include your word/line count in your forum post's title or body.

DOUBLE CHECK that you have met these requirements so that you can avoid the frustration of being disqualified on a technicality!

Remember the contest's guidelines:
>> The judging will be based on how well you followed the prompt and how creative you were with it, not just on how well you write.

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