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Left hand Blues for Writer's Cramp
Left Hand Blues Left Hand
Left Hand Blues Blues
Left Hand Blues Writer’s Cramp
Left Hand Blues Writing com

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Left Hand Blues

I grew up in a dark time
When left-handed children
Were forced to use their right hand
In school

As a result, I developed
Bad handwriting and motor skills
And to this day

I am awkward
Using my left hand
And my right hand
Don’t know which to use

But still writing
With my right hand

A while back
I injured my right hand
Had to use my left hand
More than usual

That was difficult
To do

Children are allowed
To be left-handed

That is the way
It should have been
With me

Had I grown up
In a more enlightened time

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, August 13, is International Left-Handers Day. Write a story or poem about someone who is right-handed having to switch to being left-handed (for whatever reason), some of the obstacles they have to overcome, and how they eventually prevail.
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