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by abrax
Rated: E · Other · Sci-fi · #2278642
A synopsis from a logline.
The Weary Courtier
During the turn of the forgotten age a reverberating slow moving bursts of a ancient red glow penetrated the eerily dark matter surrounding the first galaxies of the universe.The red glow bounced across the eight known asteroids belts and their alternating galaxies full of constellations and otherworldly solar systems. The red glow was sent by Dreyk, our current supreme commander of the intergalactic council who has given the invitation for a urgent meeting to figure out what’s the best course of action to deal with Vimmnk the greatest threat to celestial formation and existence in the universe.As the leader of a shapeshifting conspiracy he along with his devoted minions and demonic forces took control of all the inhabitants of the Zedu galaxy.With the exception the planet Asteroparos,located on the celestial horizon.It’s a independent and peaceful planet who is the keeper of all the dimensions of time and energies needed to travel invisibly anywhere in the universe. They managed to avoid Vimmnk and his henchman because they hide in plain sight,but it’s only a matter of time before Vimmnk, will move in on Asteroparos.The imminent conspiracy must be stopped immediately before it spreads and leaves Vimmnk in charge of all celestial movements in the universe visible and invisible.
On the planet Keleron, located in a fairly large solar system with a pulsing elliptical orbit.The massive planet is tilted a full fifty degrees that produces violent shaking.It’s a place only reserved for adepts and mystics. Who are able to time the rhythm of these turbulent trembling to co-exist in tranquility .Zoltan, a retired spy spends his retirement in Keleron in seclusion .He learned of the distress signal ,and decided to reluctantly answered Dreyk”s call. Zoltan was one of Dreyk’s favorite couriers before he retired and disappeared from the game. A burned-out Zoltan vowed never to come out of retirement,but Dreyk convinced him to perform this one last assignment.He accepted the task to physically transport a package to the planet Asteroparos,and hand it over to their legendary spychief Ludwig.Now this is significant because Zoltan before he retired as the premier counterintelligence spymaster was only use to passing orders down the line,and remained behind the scene.A shadowy figure whose name was rarely mentioned,and almost never seen in public.To remember a time when Zoltan did anything physically you have to go many light years back to the beginning.When he was running the show his successful missions were considered perfect operations by the intelligence community. He would meticulously plan and then perform the mission with get out quickly without leaving a trace of what happened.All those who dealt with him concluded this guy is good.Zoltan accepted this one last mission because he was confident he could get the job done,but the evil Vimmnk ,was tracking his every move,and was informed of Dreyk’s secret mission.Vimmnk was enraged that someone would try to derail his sinister plan to rule the universe,and made a pact with his demonic powers to banish Zoltan into the bottomless depths of the abyss.
Zoltan the smooth operator stared at the faded gateway of a dangerous portal and disappeared instantaneously, and traveled through the universe’s different realms and dimensions to time travel forward in time He reappeared with Asteroparos in full view upahead,but Vimmnk was waiting for him and almost thwarted the mission when he set him with a specter trap.He put a brilliant, translucent exact image of the planet Asterparos .In front disguisedin entrance of a previously locked vortex which is behind intricate locks and passages.Zoltan was mesmerized by the realistic sphere spinning,and slowly extends his arm towards the image.When a strong vacccum pulled his complete body in the vortex.Spinning out of control in total darkness he lost all sense of time.Then the darkness was illuminated by a green electrical grid of squaresl.Zoltan withdraws inward as he was thrashed inside the funnel,but moments later he snaped back to consciousness,and discover his new gift of telepathy.Which he used immediately to reveal the true contains of the mysterious package It’s humanity’s hall of records. The possessor of this library can control the neverending universe.As the whirlwind slowed down it allowed Zoltan to make a quick escapes,but he landed on a alien gaseous planet.That was guarded by the Byzas,the ruthless warlord who commands networks of spectral tribesman on this gasses planet.The merciless warlord was able to attain that inside the cargo was the fabled hall of records of the universe. Byzas was determined to possess the library ,and will stop at nothing to get it.If he can retrieve the library he can communicate with his long forgotten ancestors.Who then can perform the lost ritual of transforming any primitive tribes into a flourishing cosmic civilization..Zoltan endured destructive strange forces and energies of this gaseous planet,but managed to successfully deliverer the package to Ludwig,but soon after he was plagued by loud and disruptive poltergeist activity in his house,and startedto suffer from terrifying paranormal phenonmena.
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