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Just a poem from my publication
No Mercy
Let me fend 4 myself when I die 2nite, do not wake me up n my deep sleep then
maybe my persons of twins will not put up a fight.
If they do my heart knows I cannot hurt them, when we were born many like a bad
Katrina storm mama always told me, Since I am unique my fixed gift my soul will be
sworn in.”
I have much power I lead no pressure or breed fear, march on in Jamborees and
Indians my suicidal mind will not and most wanted from towns I have no tears.
No mercy, no cry fulfill me with enough energy, when I am high death floats my mind
confused and on a deadly tip, my atmosphere filled with many unknown galaxies.
Times my head is lost forever in a lake hidden beneath the white snow, demons
and many sinned with a fix go on missions to murder another suspect with no purpose,
the sign of “ NO RETURN,” tells me of which way of evil I should take 2 go.
Fuck the world and folks that have always done me wrong, playa haters, guys trying to
scheme up a sack from me I have nothing 4 them but a slug and a sin, my angels keep
playing the same ole song.
Positive ties and negative lies bury me with no expression on my faces, bury me 12
feet deep and if not I will dig myself up decomposed or not and cause all kinds of ruckus
all over this damned place.
I will be intoxicated when I murder all of u mother fuckers, no fear and no shyness I have
or show in my emotions and in time my angels will follow over your gravestones and
bring on so much ruckus.
So while the world spins around and will freeze over in time have no other person,
thank u Lord in my lines of and I have and will never show no mercy.
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