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Engly Milwr Fate Poetry Place
Engly Milwr Fate

I met my dream girl on that date.
When I met her, she was my fate.
Weeks later, she became my mate.

We were fated to be soul mates.
She made my life very great.
Our love was first-rate.

x x x x x x A
x x x x x x A
x x x x x x A

The Engly Milwr is an ancient Welsh form with three rhyming lines per stanza and seven syllables per line, as described and demonstrated in the following links:


Englyn milwr, én-glin míl-were (the soldier's englyn), the 2nd codified Official Welsh Meter, an Englyn, was often written in the proverb, englynion y clyweit (the stanza of hearing). The verse is efficiently short, some might say tersely. Originally a succinct poem in praise of a leader's valor and sometimes satire of a leader's failings, a Welsh epigram. It was thrown out of the "official meters" at one time, but its popularity and continued use earned its right to be included in the code. During World War I, English soldiers were sent embroidered love poems from home in this verse form. The verse in this meter was recorded in the Red Book of Talgarth and is thought to date as far back as 100 BC. Note: even with the Welsh reverence for the code, some verse breaks free and adds or subtracts a syllable or two.
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