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Cofederalism separates powers between the central government from the state governments.
I had a dream one night about the future of the structure of the United States government that will be the result of the entire advanced technological infrastructure being hacked nationwide, causing untold damage and wreaking havoc! The U.S. was previously under Publicentrist rule at this point in the dream, which paved the way for both a clean environment and highly advanced technology; with both an economy allowing individual liberty while being free from poverty. This new structure and form of government became known as a Cofederal government.

A Cofederal government emerged as the result of the states separating their powers entirely from the Federal government, pretty much to share duties rather than being supreme over the other. The best way to describe this structure of government and how it will work is by breaking down how Cofederalism will affect the three branches of the U.S. Government (technically four with the military).


All executive power will lie with the Federal government, and the Federal government will delegate administrative officials and law enforcement to every state. The Federal government will decide the structure of the executive branch. The Federal government would not be able to nor will it make laws for the states to abide by nor will it hold any legislative powers under Cofederalism.


All legislative power will be invested in the state governments only, as well as their administrative divisions (counties, towns/cities, districts, etc). All states will effectively become dependencies of the Federal government since they cannot leave the union, but they will be solely responsible for all of their own laws. To keep the legislative process simple, conventions are held between member states, which the states can pick and choose which convention or even conventions they abide by or they can choose to abide by no conventions at all as all states are semi-sovereign. These conventions only lay out the legislative process and sometimes its own structure under Cofederalism.


Judicial powers are held in common between the Federal government and state governments. Federal judges and justices only handle interstate affairs, as well as executive functions (or affairs involving conflicts between states such as a fugitive could be wanted in Kentucky and flees to liberal California which would have different laws, California didn't want to extradite, but Kentucky felt they had the right to try them in their state; unfortunately Kentucky and California didn't share any conventions in common), while state judges and justices will handle their state's affairs only under Cofederalism.


The military will be co-owned by the Federal government and the state governments under a single convention. The states get to decide the makeup of their troops and military personnel, squads or groups and who will be eligible to join. But the Federal government will decide who will get accepted, who will be stationed where or who will be on reserve, and who goes to war and the Federal government also will have complete command over their personnel and executive functions under Cofederalism.


Currency will be handled by a Federal Advocate, who is elected by electors, each state appointing their own electors who vote on the candidates nominated by the Federal Magistrates. Whoever wins the popular vote will become Chairmen of the Federal Reserve, who then directly hires and fires their own Board members. The currency is only printed and distributed by the Federal government, while each state will set their own laws on currency-related matters.

U.S. Generals

The General of the United States Military will be determined with the states nominating their own candidate for U.S. General, and the Federal Magistrates will decide the winner by popular vote. The winner will become the U.S. General.

In Conclusion

Cofederalism seems to be an interesting way in which my prophetic dream showed me how the Federal government can coexist with state governments and how states can keep their rights, as well as make their own decisions without being either a Federation or Confederation. The whole thing won't fall apart because they will begin sharing power and they will split the two levels of the U.S. Government into two.
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