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People can find love in the most unexpected of places...
It was a very summer night; a severe thunderstorm had been raging for the past 15 minutes, and then lightning started to strike on the rooftop of a hotel that was covered in tar, and then the rooftop began to catch on fire. It was not long before the rest of the hotel began to catch on fire! And just as the hotel started blazing, many of its guests had to evacuate-in their pajamas! Yes, everyone, including a young man and woman...
They met at that hotel while they were evacuated; the young man's name was Josh, and the young woman's name was Katie. Once their eyes begin to meet, they soon realize that they have finally found someone who would be interested in each other.
Three months later, Josh and Katie met again, this time in their NORMAL clothes! They then soon catch up with one another, and soon they begin to have an attraction between one another. Josh was just as attracted to Katie as Katie herself became attracted to Josh. And with that, a romance has begun...

Katie & Josh's love continued to grow; Josh began to tell Katie how much he loved her and how he felt about her daily. Katie then tells Josh that she has never loved anyone as special as Josh, while she then tells him that she just cannot live another day with a perfect man like Josh. Once Josh himself heard those words, he and Katie kissed. Never has a romance that is starting to become so very special.
The following weekend was Katie's birthday; Josh took her to the beach for a picnic lunch. After enjoying their meal, Josh took out his guitar and serenaded her; then, Josh invited a vocal group to help him out. And then, after their serenade, Josh got down on one knee, and popped the question to Katie. Katie finally said yes, and then Josh slipped the ring on Katie's finger, and they kissed.
Six months later, Josh and Kaite were married in a small wedding ceremony; they had been planning to have their honeymoon in that hotel where they met and had caught on fire, but from what they had heard from someone, that hotel had been in disrepair since the fire, and have since been torn down. Katie's father then told Katie and Josh that the best place to have a honeymoon would be something that's as romantic as anything...

Yes, that's right-Josh and Katie had their honeymoon at the beach by the boardwalk, where they are staying in a hotel; guess that goes to show that even romance happens in the sweetest season of all, summer.
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