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I'm sharing these words I wrote for a song I have composed with my acoustic guitar.
You said my eyes were glowing
like silver glows
like beaming lights that shine through
an empty soul

You said my pace was slow
like winter's days
that silence all around me
was deep as hell

But I have a soul
that was made for the lonely
And I have no choice
but to fight for comfort

So let me believe
these boots were made for walking
and leave behind
the turmoil and my worries

No chances for the aching
A voice unheard
No colours for the painting
No picture frames

It's time to pick my battles
to play to win
But they say no one makes it
unless you're craving for victory

But as flowers bloom
the sun brings a new beginning
And as waters flow
the bad dies out forever

In terms of love
good things come to those who wait
Please make me believe
that this is now or never
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