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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Home Owners Association

Glancing at the clock I had a few minutes. I’d done my freelance work and I wasn’t due at the homeowners meeting (Ugg...) for twenty minutes.

Relaxing over my coffee, I glanced out the window, immediately irritated because it still needed washing.

A movement distracted me from thinking about that, and about those weeds in my backyard. I couldn’t see what it was without moving the curtain, so I walked over.

It was a squirrel. I tried to keep them away from my feeder, or so I told myself... As I looked down at the feeder, there seemed to be more. Plus the feeder was empty, I realized I hadn’t filled it in days, too busy with my part time typing job, and keeping up my own house and yard. If the HOA saw so many squirrels, I’d get another complaint letter.

Good gravy! I was turning into my grandmother! The thought made me laugh out loud! I always made fun of Gram at her disoriented house. She and I had a running joke about what was important or not, she said:

“The important things are the ones you choose to do, not the ones other people expect of you.” How could I have forgotten that?

I needed the typing job money. Did I need to go to a meeting to listen to the Susan Reynolds, on the HOA, complain because Mrs. Wilson painted her fence green? It’s a nice soft green, it looked good!

Suddenly, I decided to run for that empty spot in the HOA. If I got it, things were going to change around here!

I did get it, and now, I run the HOA. Mrs. Wilson’s fence is still green, and I am busier than ever with happy neighbors, who actually like me! Well, except Susan...
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