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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
The Letter

As I calmed down, I panicked. I was so upset at Alan I could have strangled him! Instead, I wrote him a scathing letter! Told him exactly how I felt, and exactly what a stupid jerk he was, and exactly things that, once I calmed down, I realized were kind of my fault...

But I’d mailed it.

Panic set in quickly. I had to get that letter before he read it!

I rushed back to the mailbox I’d stuffed it in. They call it mailbox, it’s more like a safety deposit box! I actually tried putting gum on a string, and then drop it in the box. The string came back empty, of mail, and gum... some mailman was probably very angry when he emptied the mailbox later that day...

The only way then, was to get it after it was delivered. I hid out near his house, waiting for the mail to be delivered. I knew he worked Saturday mornings so he wouldn’t be home. I failed to take into account that he lived with his parents.

His mother was standing on the porch when the mailman came, he handed her the whole pile of mail. I could see my letter from where I was hiding, it was in a pink envelope...

Well, that was a bust. I flopped down by the bush I was hiding behind. Defeated.

Suddenly, “Hello Angela.”

I looked up, it was Alan’s mom.

“This letter looks like something you sent in a hurry,” she said. “I thought maybe you wanted it back?”

“Yes...” I said. “How did you know?”

“I think you writing ‘Stupid Jerk Alan Kent’ on the envelope gave me a clue... I’ve been there...”

And that’s why to this day, I love my mother-in-law. Much to Alan’s dismay, she understands me.
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