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When you feel unloved, you find love in all the wrong ways and places.
Why do I deserve love,
When the first thing you said,
When I came out to you,
Was that I was going to get AIDs,
If that’s the equation,
And I can do a little math,
Then death is the destination,
How sad is that?
So, I gave up my body,
To men who didn’t deserve,
The feel of my touch,
The kindness of my words,
I was a complete sex siren,
Pleasure was the game,
And I was good at it,
And all of them came,
The Officer,
The Gentleman,
The White-Collar Businessmen,
And some free,
Some stayed,
Others would leave,
And all for just one to say you are loved,
Those chains that bound my ancestors,
Turn into family curses untouched,
With no answers,
Just broken children,
Who turn into broken adults,
So far removed from love,
Those are the results,
So, watch what you say,
Because we kids recall,
We will all fade away,
And know angels do fall.
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