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My name is Xavier, and I am a string. You may wonder what story a string must tell. Pull up a chair and I shall tell you. When I was little, I can remember being attached to a little toy dog that would go click clack when he was pulled across the floor. He finally got worn out and I was then used to pull a loose tooth from a little girl so the tooth fairy could come. I was then placed in a drawer where I remained a long time. My next adventure would take me outside where I was given an important job. I supported the birdfeeders in the backyard. That was a fun job because when the wind blew, I could swing back and forth. Of course, the birds didn't think it funny I did. The birdfeeders soon became too heavy and fell. They needed a much stronger support, chain. I was dirty and a bit frayed but still useful for I became a kite's friend. We would soar across the sky and loop and loop through the sky. When one lite would tear or get stuck in a tree I was just attached to another, bigger and brighter. One day I was taken from the kite and used as a binding for a package. I was tied around the box and taken to the post office. I went by plane then a truck to a new place where I was taken to a schoolhouse. When I was untied, I was placed on a desk. I had many jobs as the days passed. I held a bundle of pencils together, hung on a planter in front of a window and even tied on the teacher's finger. I have to say that was a strange place for a string to be tied, it had something to do with remembering something.

Time went on and I began to get more frayed and even had been cut and had a knot in me. One day the teacher took me home, there she put me on a ball with other strings. There is red, blue, orange and yellow ones. She placed me on a table by her chair. Every now and then she would add more strings. Soon all together we became quite large. One morning she placed us in a huge bag and took us to school. There she showed her students all the strings she had collected. After school we went on the bus to a small building downtown. 'Town Hall Art Show' entries due today. We walked in the door and over to a table where there were more balls of string. As the day passed many people came to see us and people with clipboards were very interested in us. Then at last we heard, the winner of the largest ball of string is Miss Summer, teacher from Terrytown elementary. Her string ball weights six pounds and displays various colors and strings. She received a trophy and a ribbon. We went home later, and she placed the ball on the mantle with the trophy and ribbon. There I remain a little string who became a part of a bigger family. My days of adventure are over now, or are they?

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