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Birthday Hike

No matter how careful Sam and Jake were, they slide down the steep moss-covered incline. This was supposed to be a fun mutual Birthday hike that would last about three hours. They were now into hour five and no end of trails signs in sight.

Five hours ago they checked in at the Forest Rangers Station, got their map of the three offered trials, and signed the waivers for possible injuries. They put the offered snack packs which came with their signup in their knapsacks and headed for the trail heads. After careful consideration, they choose the trail for moderate expertise and headed out.

For the first hour, there were no problems. All the markers appeared where they were designated on the map. It was starting to get a bit cloudy, but they both bought ponchos in case o the normal afternoon rain showers showed up. It only took one slip of Sam’s boot to send both of them into a ravine, not marked on the map. Oh, they were alright, but the top of the ditch was about twenty feet above their heads. The only possibility was to follow the cut in the hillside and try and get back on the trial.

The clouds were getting thicker. Boulders now replaced the small rocks in the sloop of the trail. The sides of the cut were getting higher and were impossibly steep.

A horn hocked somewhere ahead. A whistle blew. Indistiguable words floated in the air. They stepped up their pace. They heard water rushing behind them. Ropes dropped from above with harnesses on them. Sam and Jake grabbed on and were pulled up the hillside as a torrent of water from a flash flood filled the ground below them.

Their hike had come to an end.
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