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Theory for futuristic miniaturization device
I have been working for many years on a concise explanation for how a shrink ray actually functions. I was puzzled for an explanation of how the device could simultaneously cause a dimensional vortex to form in the centers of the quarks and gluons composing the protons and neutrons of the atoms of a person’s body simultaneously, then I came up with the concept of a dimensional cascade reaction. I know that concept has come up in science fiction, but I have my own spin on it.

If anyone wants to use my theory in one of their stories, please credit me as the author of the neutrino dissimilator theory, especially if you get published. When I got my first story published in a British sci-fi mag in 2007, I credited Gator as the inventor of Portasizers.


Neutrino Dissimilator Theory:

A dimensional cascade reaction occurs within one quark and one gluon within the center of a dimensional membrane and distributes that reaction equally to all of the quarks and gluons contained within it.

A dimensional vortex is opened inside the centers of a quark particle and a gluon particle composing the protons and neutrons of the atoms that are contained within the center of a dimensional membrane. A dimensional cascade reaction causes all of the quarks and gluons within that dimensional membrane to collapse around the now-empty space because of the vacuum that forms inside of each quark and gluon. The excess matter is discharged through these dimensional vortices and forced into another dimension. This causes a decrease in size, weight, volume and mass.

The electrons remain normal sized. A dimensional membrane alters the strength of their charge so it corresponds with the decreased charge of the miniaturized protons, while simultaneously maintaining the proportional distance of the atoms from one another. Any electron exiting the dimensional membrane has their charge restored to normal, and any electron entering this dimensional membrane has their charge decreased.

Another dimensional membrane speeds up the vibrations of the miniaturized atoms so the shrunken person has increased thermal resistance, giving them the same proportional body temperature as at normal size. This protects a shrunken person from getting too cold.


I just wanted to add, I’ve spent my entire lifetime working on this theory, and am posting it here for legal reasons. I don’t want one corporation to control this theory in such a way so that everyone using the theory must pay a licensing fee in order to use it.

When Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine in the 1950s, he made it so no one could take control of the patent. He wanted the vaccine to be cheap and affordable for everyone. I want to do the same, so anyone within our community can use my neutrino dissimilator theory without getting bent over by lawyers.

By posting it here in fixed form, this will protect me if I’m ever involved in a lawsuit if someone tries to steal my theory.
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