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A ditty about Christmas, {44 lines}

Twas the night before Rudolph, the red nosed deer
We were kicking' back, full of Christmas cheer,
Mama in her Mumu, eggnog in hand
Was rocking' and Rollin' to "A Winter Wonderland",

I was in the corner down upon my knee
Trying' to find my glasses, so I could finally see,
Christmas lights were shining', tinsel everywhere
Mama was a glowing' with bows in her hair.
Pantyhose was hung by the radiator vent
The presents were wrapped, and cards were sent,
Midnight was approaching', he would soon be there
Mama was a watching' in her rocking' chair.

The cat and dog were lying' at her feet
She was singing' to the Reindeer beat,
Finally, she got quiet as a mouse
As I heard noises outside the house.

I ran to the window, drew back the blind
What I saw that night really blew my mind,
Out on the lawn were reindeer paws
A big red sleigh and Santa Claus.

He was talking' to a little old lady
I think I heard him call her Sadie,
They were getting' kind of cozy
Santa's cheek was really rosy.

I said to mama, "come see this, dear"
But as I looked, she wasn't here,
The front door was open wide
Seems mama had gone outside.

I ran out the door, oh, what I found
Mama and Santa were getting' down,
They were a rocking' and a swinging'
The eight little reindeer were a singing'.

What a sight it was to see
How can this possibly be?
Mama and Santa doing their thing
Reindeer that know how to sing?

I went back into my house
It was as quiet as a mouse,
Mama was sleeping' in her chair
Red bows glowing' in her hair.

Did I see what I really saw?
Santa, Mama and reindeer paw?
Was it just my imagination?
Or too much eggnog and celebration?

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