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Entry into The Forum of Micro-Monologue Contest beginning of September 2022
Prompt: Poets remain in a different world!

Word Count: 173

I had the distinct pleasure of introducing the members at the Foremost Poets Roast yesterday. For those of you who don’t know about the prestigious banquet, I will tell you it is a poet's dream dinner.  There are members from around the world whose sole mission in life is to advance the poetic style of writing throughout humanity. These men and women normally sleep, drink and talk in rhyme and free verse one-hundred percent of the time.

Now I will admit, although I sat at the end of the table, between my introductions, I didn’t understand much of what was said. Poets remain forever in a different world of their making. I could pick out several phrases which sounded logical and I made sure to clap when everyone else did.

There are some additional happenings if anyone wants to head over to Bard’s Consortium during the next few days. I plan on making a showing at most of the events if only to see if I can learn to understand the Poet’s World.

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