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What WDC has given me over the years.
Why I Love WDC 2022

I’ve been on WDC since 2005. Hard to believe, honestly! That makes 17 years. For me, that’s mind blowing, but honestly, WDC has done wonders in helping me improve my writing. I’ve become a stronger writer because of this website. If anything, my regret is that I don’t spend as much time here as I would like, because I appreciate all it’s given to me.

When I first started, I worked hard to change from passive to active writing. I developed my imagination and creatively with fantasy like stories that focused on human emotion. I worked on developing action in my first scenes, first paragraphs, first chapters, which would pull readers in and keep them reading. I worked on trying to write stories in the word count required.

I worked on editing and reviewing skills. I still need someone to proof my work. I can’t catch my own spelling/punctuation mistakes to save my life, and even now, sometimes I miss them when I’m editing. I really appreciate WDC reviews that point out the little errors and I’m always game to do an edit.

About five years on the site, I’d become a moderator. I started editing the Drama Newsletter and then moved to Romance/Love where I’ve been for quite a while now. I want to say I’ve been editing the RL NL at least 12 years, maybe longer. I’ve found my home writing romance/love stories, but I’ve also tried my hand with horror, mystery, and suspense/thriller. I’ve also tried to work on mainstream fiction stories.

With all that I’ve learned via Writing.com, I’ve had two short stories, “Spontaneous Decision,” and “Made in America” place 8th in the Writer’s Digest Annual contests. Other stories have received honorable mentions. I’ve been published by 4RV publishing which focuses on children’s stories. While my small press publishers have gone out of business, I’ve been learning a new side of publishing – self publishing - and have I had several of my shorts published on Amazon in the Unlimited KDP program. – Marketing! Well, that’s another matter entirely. Self publishing requires a lot of patience. First you need the story, then the cover, a copyright, an ISBN is recommended, formatting, publishing, marketing. It really is a full time job.

Writing.com has given me a place to work on, and hone, my writing talent and I will forever be grateful. I’m so proud of the Bard’s Hall – a contest that’s celebrated its 17 year birthday this year! BUT the Bard’s Hall wouldn’t have been as successful as it was if it wasn’t for my partner, Ẃeβ࿚ẂỉԎḈĥMAS . She’s amazing! Collaborative, Patient (with me, because let me tell you, real life gets in the way of my WDC time) imaginative, and full of energy.

And I’m so thankful for the people I’ve met on WDC! There’s so many I could mention, so please don’t feel left out. Ẃeβ࿚ẂỉԎḈĥMAS is truly a soul sister, and iKïyå§ama has always been an inspiration to me. Now that I’m on the graveyard shift, I’ve been trying to step it up with the Angel Army as I feel I haven’t been as supportive as I would have liked. I also adore ♥HOOves♥ imagination and creativity.

I love Merit Badges and awardicons. They are really awesome to receive, and they let me know I’ve done a good job with the material. I love giving them out, too! Ẃeβ࿚ẂỉԎḈĥMAS will tell you – I always try to give them out after judging the Bard’s Hall.

Writing.com has given me a lot. Big thanks to the The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress for developing a website that nurtures writing, is collaborative, helpful, friendly, and kind. I love the variety - from poems, to short stories, images, word searches, mad libs and other tools that tug on the creative heartstrings.

Happy 2022 Birthday WDC!

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