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Blog Bastion Prompt 3
The most peculiar thing about my character is my outlandish habit of being myself without fear of doing so. My quirks are many. I love to dance, but if I hear music and I'm not at home, I'll break out into a neo-swing/ballet dance style mashup no matter who's walking by, no matter where I am. If I'm happy or 'just because', I'll start singing out of the blue a little of my own improv or someone's song like I'm living in a musical. Or I'll do a random impression of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock, Sean Connery's Bond, or the accent of some bloke from the 19th century, and you wouldn't know what to think of me. I laugh at my own jokes all the time, and I find humor in almost everything. Sometimes, I'll love to read aloud to myself with a British accent (I'm American.) while I go out for a walk instead of talking to people. I even talk to myself whether people are around or I'm by myself. And don't worry, I'm not crazy; it's just that I make a better sounding board than another person, and thinking out loud is just so fun and very useful to chill and release stress. For me, work is always play because I do what I love and turn anything boring into something fun, so... this means relaxing has a whole other definition. Even my list of hobbies is as long as the Eiffel Tower lying down. So, I'm quirky, but I love it. It makes life more colorful than trying to blend in.

Now, because of how I behave, people say I'm weird, a lot. My sister even says it sometimes, affectionately, but I love that. I love that I'm weird. I've never fit in with society, and once I began to embrace myself as I am and just be, I finally found myself. It was as if I was playing hide and seek all these years and finally found who I really am at my core. Summed up in a few short words: if you can't fit in, then stand out. Ever since then, I've embraced my quirks, and it's given me less insecurity and more confidence. Don't get me wrong. I'm still me. The only difference is that now I'm more of me. Life almost never gets boring, and if it does, it's abysmal, so you'll hear me doing impressions of actors or actresses or the characters I write. And that is the most peculiar thing about my character. I'm quirky, and I'm not afraid to be.
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