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Divided we all fail and humanity would die off. Division is death over time.
We’re all struggling to escape the big bad machine.
Taxes and the bottom line have all become obscene.
When you then apply a cap to top it all off.
What then do you have?
(Pause) S. L. A. V. E. R. Y. (sing the letters)

We’re all equals and the currency we ought to use is love.
Instead, the powers that be divide us between below and above.
When you then apply love versus hate to top it all off.
What then do you have?
(Pause) W. A. R. (sing the letters)

We’re all divided between parties with the label “Us Vs Them.”
Divided by using everything imaginable, of this I don’t pretend.
When you apply hate it eventually promotes division and inequality.
What then do you have?
(Pause) D. E. A. T. H. (sing the letters)

We’re all of us doomed to fail collectively as a race.
Entire generations will fail, and their lives will be thrown away.
Life is the precious gift we have which can’t ever be replaced.
What then do you need?
(Pause) F. O. R. G. I. V. E. N. E. S. S. (sing the letters)

Back to the top, repeat for a second run through

End with:
Aren’t you all tired of being ignored, used, and abused?
Aren’t you all FED up with this system of utter inequality?
What are the differences between you and me?
(Pause) N. O. T. H. I. N. G.

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