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We all have them. Our actions and decisions often define.
We've got our problems aired out in the news.
We've got our problems some win while others lose.
We've got our problems after we depart work at five.
We've got our problems just trying to stay alive.
We've got our problems, yeah. We've got our problems.

Some problems come up while others drive us down.
Other problems come up, wearing us all down.
Some folks win while others lose, that's the truth.
Yeah, that's the truth.


Some spill their secrets while other dream and scheme.
Some air their secrets making other folks truly scream.
Some keep their secrets taking them to their graves.
Some hide their secrets making other folks their slaves.
Some bury their secrets, yeah. Some spill their secrets.

Some secrets trip you up, while others let you down.
Many secrets come up, making you into a clown.
Some secrets remain in the dark, that's the truth.
Yeah, that's the truth.
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