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Just what the title says :)
Writing has always been an important part of our way of life. It’s what makes the movies we watch so memorable. It’s why certain TV shows move us to tears. It’s what makes the speeches we’ve heard again and again from leaders around the world so powerful. Writings can start wars but bring peace.

Writing is a personal hobby that I’ve enjoyed since the age of seven. Of course, at that age, my stories were written in childlike ways, but the passion that ran through me each time I wrote kept me going. There had never been a writer in the family as far as we knew, but my parents fueled my passion anyway.

“Read,” they’d tell me, “check out as many books as you can. Learn new words. Reading is how your stories will feel more alive.”

I followed their advice. I read pretty much anything I could get my hands on. From historical fiction to Greek Myths and everything in-between. There wasn’t a day that went by that someone didn’t see me without a book in my hand. I lived in books. I lived in the stories and the characters. Their downfalls and their triumphs. Reading is probably the main reason I passed all my English classes. Reading gave me a certain sense of freedom.

As a young teen, I started exploring romance in my stories. I wrote about romance because I craved it. Often, as humans, we write about things we either know about or long for. It’s in those moments of longing that we start to find ourselves. Most teens write only about the starry-eyed, puppy love but I was wise beyond my years. I hadn’t truly experienced romance first hand but I knew in stories, there can’t be all good. I knew that relationships had ups and downs and that is exactly what I added in there. For every victory, there was a defeat, and for every defeat, there was a victory.

When I got into college, I started writing a series starring a young girl who has autism. Autism is another personal subject to me, as it is a part of who I am. I started exploring scenarios and picturing what any person—autistic or not—who was my age would face. I used my experiences growing up to develop my character. I even named her after me, wanting my story to be told through a fictional character, a character I could separate myself from when I finished writing.

Today, I focus more on poetry than short stories, but I am still writing. Writing will always be a part of me. It’s something that, even if I stopped for a while, I could never truly give it up. Writing has embedded it’s presence into my very soul and won’t let go.

You’re reading this article in hopes of knowing at least one part of me. Why writing means the world to me.

For starters, writing is my expression. When my vocal chords fall silent, my hand picks up the message. My fingers fly across the phone or page and the words spill out of me. I know how to use my vocal chords, I know how to speak, but writing lets me release a part of myself that my vocal chords cannot. Writing can be my anger when screams no long express it or writing can be my sorrow when tears no longer apply. My writing speaks out against injustice without having to make a sound.

Sometimes, I do not wish to share my writing with the word. I write for myself. I write about things I never share because others won’t understand. Private thoughts or scenarios no one else needs knowledge of. Sometimes, my anger, pain and sorrow are so great that I must write it out but never share it with anyone. There are parts of my pain that do not need to see the light of day.

The beauty of writing is that you get to share it however you want. You are in control of your writing. You don’t have to share parts of your writing you feel are only meant for you. People consider that to be a selfish act, but writing in of itself isn’t one or the other. Writing is a tool, an art form, a way of saying things our mouths cannot.

Writing is also a way of releasing whatever it is I’m holding onto. I’ve written personal letters that I’ve never shared in order to let old friends go. I’ve written poems to my depression, my anxiety, the pain of my past, to let them know they don’t control me anymore. Writing leaves me in control of something. It’s been my most powerful weapon in the many battles I’ve faced in my lifetime. Writing gives me power that nothing else can give. Writing has also taught me many valuable lessons.

Friends, if you let it, writing can become your most valuable possession. Do not be afraid to write because of the fear of being judged. Your writing will never judge you; it is more than happy to let you express yourself. To any new writers who are afraid of being selfish, block out the critics. They will never understand us, the humans who create stories for our own comforts.
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