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Are we letting apps take over our lives? It seems like it doesn't it?
My own take on use of Apps.
The app-eal of apps

If your car breaks down in Ponty
Then don’t get in a flap
There is no need to worry
You can use the AA app.

‘You can save a lot of money,’
Said the car insurance chap.
‘Fit this sensor on the dash
And use Bluetooth with our app.’

If you go into Mcdonalds
For a burger or a wrap,
There’s no need to queue for ages
Save time and use the app.

There’s an app for almost everything
Like a pizza made to order,
Or an app to turn the heating on
For when you’re feeling colder.

An app you’re told saves energy
If you’re boiling eggs or frying.
And one to scan your QR code
To Malta when you’re flying.

If you want to buy new golf wear
Like a shirt or glove or cap,
You can find it all on Amazon
So be sure you’ve got the app.

Now this can all be done by phone
As most are now quite Smart.
Simply use the ‘Find Chocolate’ app
And place your fave into the cart.

I phoned a customer helpline
‘Please use the app,’ they said,
‘We’re very, very busy.’
‘Or phone another day!’

Scam callers on the phone again
But don’t fall for their trap:-
They say, “ You’re due a refund
Please download our app.”

Too long on social media ?
That’s not a good idea.
You’ll soon get tired and sleepy
Because of sleep app nea !

So I hope that you now realise
As your eyelids start to close,
You may be an ‘appy chappy’
Yes!? With the phone pressed to your nose!

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