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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Book Club Cleaning

Straightening up my living room, the “girls” are coming for Book Club at ten. You’d think I would be ready since there are eight of us so, we only meet at my house once every eight weeks. But, of course, you’d really only think that if you didn’t know me well.

I start with my leaf blower. It’s incredible what it can do for a room! You open the doors and windows, and start in a corner, opposite a more open space on the far wall of course, and blow all the dust and crap out in the open! Once the air settles, you pick up all the crap you’ve been looking for, for weeks... always quite a number of socks and papers from under my sofa... then pick up the stuff, vacuum the carpet, and the corner where all the dust landed. Easy peasey, looks (and smells!) like I clean it daily!

It’s a tricky art, however, sometimes there are casualties. I lost a lovely vase once because I forgot to move it. I’m much more careful with breakable items now, especially since I have to clean them up myself when I break them. I almost always send the calendar flying, but who cares, easy to put back. I hit a lamp once, fortunately the cord was plugged in and kept it from smashing on the floor when it flew off the table. Lessons, lessons. I’m actually quite good at it after all these years.

Once the room is blown out, and vacuumed, nobody can even tell it hasn’t actually been cleaned in months! Then add food from the local bakery, and my mega coffee machine, it rounds the meeting out nicely! I’ve heard my house is a favorite, hee hee... plus... this time, I’ve even read the book!!
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