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SCOTUS is singing a new tune. (Form: Quatrains) 2022 QUILL WINNER!
The Supremes

It seems there’s a new Hit Parade
of songs dragged from the past.
They’re lipsynched in a grand charade
of righteousness unmasked.

“It’s clear to us,” they’ve harmonized,
“the meaning of each word
the founders meant. The word “implied”
was never, ever heard.”

“No need changing with the times,
we know what’s wrong and right.
The law is clear - there are no crimes
if you are male... and white.”

Ideologues now run the court;
they’ve lost the broader vision.
The people’s will they now distort
creating more division.

Alito's pushed Roberts aside.
He finally feels free
to take the court on a downward ride
as he sings Come See About Me.

There’s Amy Barret, not the lead,
whose advice comes from above.
She thinks that men have sacred seed.
Her song is Baby Love.

Brett Kavanaugh, accused of rape,
denied that he’s to blame.
Apologies were his escape
while he’s Livin’ In Shame.

Thomas thinks we need correction;
his wife's a MAGA pawn.
They both supported insurrection
saying, You Keep Me Hanging On. .

We watch as our rights are checked
and threatened, one by one.
Their every word is now suspect
as being partisan.

The Justices’ terms are for life.
They'll linger like a cancer.
How do we cure this legal strife?
Impeachment is the answer.

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An entry for September round of "Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest
Prompt: Open
Form: Quatrains
Line Count: 40

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