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Too Many Gun Monchielle for Poet's Place

Too Many Gun Monchielle

There are too many guns.
Everywhere guns are there,
Too many gun madmen.
Gun nuts running amuck,
Too many gun ghosts.

There are too many guns.
Everywhere one might go.
All turned into sadman,
The gunmen shooting them.
Banning guns the goalpost.

There are too many guns.
No matter where you are.
When you see a badman,
Holding a gun, best run.
Guns may kill the cohosts.

There are too many guns.
Too many people dying.
The NRA admen
Say guns don’t kill you.
According to their signposts.

There are too many guns.
Waiting, waiting to kill.
The NRA adman,
Just continue to lie.
We are milquetoasts.

There are too many guns.
It is just crazy.
The NRA admin,
Proclaim nothing to see,
As they drink their toasts.

The Monchielle is an intriguing stanza form invented by Norwegian poet Jim T Henriksen, who frequents the AllPoetry website: https://allpoetry.com/Jim_T._Henriksen

Originally established as four five-line stanzas, that number is subject to change by the provisions of the Creative License.

Each stanza has five lines, and each line contains six syllables.

The first line of the first stanza is repeated as a refrain in the first line of subsequent stanzas.

Lines three and five of each stanza rhyme, as described and demonstrated in the following links:

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