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"I've always loved the first day of school better than the last day of school. Firsts are best because they are beginnings". - Jenny Han

         It was the beginning of an era where new ideas on how to do things would develop. It would be a fresh start from the older ways of doing them. Even though it was hard to find her classes, once she was there, getting settled in, the excitement of meeting new teachers would give her the incentive to do new projects. Learning new things was thrilling to her. She was ready to begin her new day at school.

         Mrs. Whitmire introduced herself as the school teacher who would teach them how to cook. She was tall, slender, well dressed, and had silver-gray hair. Her hair was perfect; it didn't look like any hair was out of place. She was middle-aged and very attractive. She made learning fun.

         The class began with a recipe for an upside-down pineapple cake. The pineapple had a frown drawn on it. The frown would turn into a smile when it was done correctly. Knowing this, Suzette thought that if she was having a bad day, and the recipe turned out right, then her frown would turn up right into a smile. Her day would be cool.

         The students thought that Mrs. Whitmire's project was ridiculous. Suzette encouraged the class to go ahead with the project. They may find out that it was more fun than they thought it would be. When the classmates pulled together, they soon found out that it was fun. When the project was over, they were wishing that one day, they could do it again. Coming up with new ideas was part of the excitement of creating them. Those days would be missed.

         This was the beginning of friendships, friendships that would remain even after graduation. When you're going through struggles; like an illness, or crisis, you'll find out who your true friends are. Those who stand by us, or those who don't, will show their true colors. And, believe me, you will be tested. Many times, we can find ourselves alone. Nobody phones or visits. This can make a person feel lonely, which can lead to depression, anxiety, or both. No one seems to want to bother with us anymore. Isolation can be treacherous. We could hide out in places where no one could find us. Relying on one another for encouragement and support was the hope that Suzette had for her classmates.

         The next subject on Mrs. Whitmire's agenda was comedy. She had her foibles, but she did her best to turn them into an act of comedy. Suzette had a habit of smacking her lips. This was embarrassing for her at times. She made a joke about this, saying, "This is a reminder to myself that I need to order more lipstick. The more lipstick I have, the chances are great that I can kiss you with the flavor of my choosing". Ha! Ha! Another one is, "You might say, I may be overweight, but, this means that I have more love to give, I have expanded my horizons" Ha! Ha! I can choose to be a mare or a colt, but, whichever I choose, I have a mane and a tail; the mane guides me to the main pathway. On the other hand, if I choose the tail, then I have either a tailgater or a long tale of stories to tell. In other words, to tell the story about tailgating, I have the main pathway for a tale about how it was behind the scenes. Ha! Ha! Strange jokes, but at least I attempted to make somebody laugh.

         Working on communications and music was the next project for Mrs. Whitmire. Having good communication works wonders with music. The array of colors will make the words jump at you; it's amazing how this works. It's the perfect way to express words that are reachable. Maneuverability is shown by twisting, wiggling, bounding, or dipping; it moves your body in ways that are touching.

         To show affection toward your partner in the most loving and romantic way, according to Mrs. Whitmire, is slow dancing. Having the intensity or the capacity to alert your eyes to the sensation of satisfaction, your desire for dreaminess is forthcoming.

         Thouroughly enjoying the teachings of her instructor, Suzette Higgenbottom went out of her way to get her assignments done on time. She didn't want, by any means, to disappoint Mrs. Whitmire. In her eyes, she knew that her material was well-researched. Feeling like she was actually participating in the events of history, she felt that she was actually there. This made her stories more interesting. Getting herself motivated to get out of bed to arrive in time for school, she wasn't bored.

         Music became the epitome of Mrs. Whitmire. Music was the thing that inspired everyone to get off of their feet. Situated to your style of movement; the dance that's unique to your personality will make you feel groovy; you begin to feel the movement of the beat.

         It was now time for Mrs. Whitmire's next project. She wants the class to be creative. She wants them to come forth with a model that will combat the ferocity of the climate.

         Suzette gave this project some thought. She made a joke about this at first. She said, "If people wouldn't be so angry at each other, then the temperature would cool down. Their anger was red hot, making it difficult to talk with them. Her reasoning behind this was: If there was a way of simmering them down to a cooler temperature, then the weather wouldn't be so blazingly hot. By loading them down with a refreshing drink, known as "Cool Down", then, eventually, tempers wouldn't be flaring. The environment would settle down to the perfect temperature. This would be really Kool, she thought.

         Mrs. Whitmire got a chuckle out of her theory. She said, "What a creative mind you have, dear". "I can tell that your heart is good". "If that could only be true".

The Last Day of School

         The last day of school was always the hardest for Suzette. The last project was about climate change. She needs to develop a model that was useful and good. Using Barbie and Ken dolls, she decided to do some role-playing. First off, Barbie and Ken had a dilemma. They had an argument that soon turned into a hot-headed one. She needed to find a way for them to chill, or, as someone would say, "Cool Your Jets", or "Go To Your Room". Just then, Suzette turned to the dolls and said, "Can I offer you some "Cool Down"; it's a refreshing drink that can help cool down the temperature of your anger". Barbie and Ken said to her, "Sure, we could give that a whirl; it couldn't hurt.

         Barbie and Ken put the "Cool Down" to their lips and drank it down. The taste was so refreshing that they became calm. Deciding that their argument was way too silly to hold on to, they began to talk. Shining smiles upon them, the weather cleared, and out came the blue sky. The day was perfect, perfect indeed. "Cool Down" was off to a great start. "Cool Down" was a placebo; a special ingredient made by Suzette Higgenbottom called, "Anger-Out" She made up her mind not to tell anyone what the secret ingredient was. It satiated the mind with wonderful thoughts of love and friendship. It was a simple ingredient that wouldn't harm anyone.

         The last day of school was the saddest because her friends would be moving away. When friends move to a new area, it leaves a big gap, (void) in our lives. It means that we are less likely to see them again. The ones we confided in won't be around. It means that we need to develop new friends. Friendships are important, says Suzette; "They are the fiber that helps us grow. It's hard to make new friends. You have to develop trusting relationships all over again. It's hard to talk about your past; so many people don't want to hear about it. Hurtful things that have happened need to be forgotten; it starts with forgiveness. Forgiving yourself is first and foremost. Even though it wasn't our fault, tell the ones who are still living that you forgive them. When we find out that we were at fault, try and make it right. Once we're forgiven, our load will be lightened by leaving the bitterness behind. Start afresh. Happier beginnings will soon be an epiphany into your life", Suzette feels.

         For your final grade, term papers need to be finished and turned in before the last day of school. It means that your free time is limited. Your focus should be on final assignments and tests; all other things need to be put aside (left behind). It means that we need to buckle down and study; we can get better grades if we do. In the meantime, shut the door, concentrate on what we're reading, and shut off our cell phones for a while. It's important for us not to be disturbed. The pressure is on; whether we succeed or fail depends on us.

         The next time around, knowing that we might not have the same teacher, is hard, especially when we have enjoyed the last one. Choosing classes can be a chore in itself; required courses are a must; we have to take them if we want to graduate. We may not like the subjects, but they are necessary.

         Suzette studied very hard. It was important to her that she graduates. Listening to Mrs. WhitmSre's lectures gave her the drive to do her best.

         First days, last days. Suzette's first days were exciting; they gave her the opportunity to expand her mind with knowledge. She found that it was okay to be creative. This is where new challenges are developed; they help us come up with ideas on how to do things better. When we do things together, we get to know each other better; we don't have to focus on our faults.

         Last days are the hardest for Suzette. Making decisions, getting the right teacher, and having classmates who can work together, are risks that she has to take. Regardless of whether or not she likes the teacher or her classmates, taking the first and last step in comparison can be worked out for our betterment. Since the last days are the hardest, trying to find a way to reduce the stress can make us more relaxed. Everyone has their own ideas about things, but, if we are more relaxed, we can focus on what we can do to get along. This is called compromise. Compromising is best when we work as a team. We can listen to each other's differences, learn from our experiences, and apply them into solving whatever problems we have.

         In closing, Suzette was successful in her endeavors to accomplish what she wanted to do. The most important thing is to stick with it. Her ambitions far outweighed the expectations she anticipated. She was able to overcome the stress of the last days of school. Mrs. Whitmire's class was able to continue with their studies. They graduated at the top of their class.

         Mrs. Whitmirre was irreplaceable. She encouraged her students to accept their defeats. By proceeding to accomplish other avenues through which they could get their main objectives approved, they were able to feel good about themselves. They were driven to do their best when times were tough. Whenever they felt discouraged, they didn't give up. Their ability to do this was surmountable to the point that even their classmates were impressed. They remembered where they came from. They've come a long way and won't go back to their old ways of doing things. This is just the beginning of better things to come.

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