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Just me screaming again.
Do you hear me?
No you don’t hear me because you don’t want to.
Do you see me?
No you don’t because you don’t want to.
Go away if you can be normal.
Go away if you can’t be like everyone else.
Why do you insist on coming out?
Where is the rock you climbed from under?Why don’t you stay under your rock?
Do yo hear me?
No not real because I could care less.
Your so full of it.
We are so tired of you and your crap.
When are you going to get it together?
If you really had Jesus you would be like all of us.
Normal ,good,,God-fearing,useful,smart,productive.
What is wrong with you?
Nothing is wrong with you your are just wicked.
Do you hear me?
I am not wicked or evil or unproductive.
I am not a bad person and I am smart.
I matter too not just you!
Do you hear me I scream only to hear my own echo

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