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Running out of Time for Writer's Cramp
Sam Adams often thought
About his dysfunctional family
His estranged relationship
With his siblings.

Wondering if they could ever
Reconcile before the end
Of his life.

He thought about
Just picking up the phone
Or Facebook time with them.

Always afraid
Their underlying differences
Can never be overcome.

They never call him
Insult him when they speak
Thinking that they own the libs
Because they diss their lib brother.

It took a lifetime
To get to this place
But underneath it
He has forgiven them.

But he is not sure
That they have forgiven him
For the crime
Of having become successful.

So, he talks about it
And puts off for another day
These difficult conversations
That must be held someday.

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, September 17, is Time's Up Day. From that link: "Time's Up Day is a day when people tell themselves that time is up when it comes to deciding if they should make up with someone who they've had a falling out with. Tomorrow someone may be gone and it will be too late. Time's up! The time for repairing relationships is today!" Write a story or poem about someone who tries to do that. (This can end happily... or not.)
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